Monday, February 13, 2012

Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts (30+)

The Visual Studio 2010 integrated development environment (IDE) includes several pre-defined keyboard shortcut. Here is a list of more than 30 useful keyboard shortcuts that will make you a lot more productive.

Switching between Windows:
*. Ctrl+F6 – navigate between various panes that appear in the base code editing window.
*. Shift+Alt+Enter – full-screen mode at any time. In full-screen mode, only the active window is visible infull screen.
*. Alt+F6/Alt+Shift+F6 – move cursor away from the main editing section into docked windows like Properties, Help, Dynamic help, Server Explorer (if these windows are open).
*. F7 – Jump to Code Behind/Base Code editing window

*. Ctrl+Shift+V – cycle through the clipboard ring.
*. Ctrl+- (Ctrl + Hyphen) – similar with Internet Explorer,very easy to navigate from page to page.
*. Ctrl+Shift+- – cycles in the opposite direction.
*. Block Selection – press Alt and then select the area you want with your mouse.
*. Line No in Code – Tools>Options>Text Editor>All Languages>General>Line numbers.
*. Ctrl+] – matching brace/comment/region/quote
*. F4 – Property Window
*. Ctrl+Alt+L – Solution Explorer
*. Ctrl+Alt+O – Output Window
*. Ctrl+Alt+K – Task List
*. Ctrl+Shift+Space – intelligence window.
*. Ctrl+R – Word Wrap

Code Format:
*. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F – Auto-format selection
*. Ctrl+U – Convert to lower case
*. Ctrl+Shift+U – Convert to upper case
*. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C – Comment selection
*. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U – Uncomment selection

Code Outline:
*. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M – Fold/Unfold the current code block
*. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L – Unfold all
*. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+P – Stop outlining
*. Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O – Fold all

*. F5 – Start Application in debug Mode
*. Ctrl+F5 – Start Without debugging
*. F11 – Step into
*. F10 – Step over
*. Shift + F11 – Step Out
*. Shift + F5 – Stop debugging
*. Ctrl+Shift+F5 – Restart Debugging

Protect your PC from Auto-Run Virus

If you want protect your PC and external devices from viruses, which spread via removable media, I found excellent software ' Antirun '.
Antirun has multiple feature such as automatic scanning, remove viruses, and system protection etc which enables security of your PC. I am going to tell you how to protect your PC from auto-run virus using ' Antirun '.
You just need to follow the following simple and easy steps.

*Step 1: Download ' Antirun ' and install it in your PC.

*Step 2: It will start automatically and whenever you plug-in any removable device. ' Antirun ' Window will appear.

*Step 3: Click on ‘Delete’ button.

It will remove your auto-run file from your removable device. I hope this handy tutorial helps you to protect your PC from auto-run viruses.
Share this tutorial within your social circle and do not forget to give us feedback.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

The future of Story Creator

A while ago we released a sample called Story Creator:

Video Story

It combines several technologies, such as Windows Phone, Windows Azure, WCF, and C++. It is a complete application that you can use and extend. But we're also aware of some limitations. For example, it is based on Windows Phone 7.0, not the latest Mango release. It doesn't offer too many features. However, do not worry. We don't stop here. We want to continue to improve it, and provide more features.
In this blog post, I'll outline several potential features that may come in a future release. Note I'm not promising anything here. This is just what we're trying to do.
The focuses on the next release are:
* Upgrade to Windows Phone 7.1
* Create a Windows 8 XAML version of the client application, using .NET (not C++)
* Create a Windows 8 HTML version of the client application
* Port the C++ native video encoding component (used in the worker role) to a custom WinRT component
* Add some new features, such as caption text for each photo, and secondary tiles integration with Windows Phone/Windows 8
* Fix bugs
* Refactor code
Starting from now, I'll try to write some blog posts about how we implement those new features. As soon as a sample application gets a little bigger, it is difficult to see how it works without documentations. These blog posts reflect the work I'm doing. But they may not directly reflect what the final sample application will be. In addition, I'm also learning. There're a lot of new technologies, and I think I still have a lot to learn aboutprogramming best practices. So bare with me if you see something that may not be a best practice. I'll be very appreciated if you can point out problems in these blog posts.
What's more, some of the blog posts may contain project attachments. These projects are NOT samples, but rather prototypes. Sometimes I'm unsure how to proceed to implement a certain feature, so I write prototypes before actually implementing it. The prototypes should in general work fine. But if you want to use them in your production code, you should check carefully to make sure they don't contain bugs, securityissues, and performance is fine.
Finally, I don't know how many blog posts I will be writing. After all, this sample is a side project. Usually I can only spend my spare time on it.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave comments on the blog posts.

Bring your idea to life - Turn it into an Application

Windows Phone 7.5 brings dozens of new platform features to Windows Phone.
When you have previously built an application for Windows Phone, you might ask yourself, " How do I take advantage of all these cool new features in my existing Windows Phone Application?"
Check out the full post from David Hernie:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Interview with Microsoft

Tell us who you are?

Hi, I am Ashraf Wani, a Microsoft Student Partner pursuing my B.C.A (Computer Applications) from CASET Engineering College located at Srinagar J&K. Having a keen interest in Software Engineering and Information Technology, I am enjoying being with Microsoft. I love public speaking and spreading the knowledge and the technologies to maximum people I can. I have organized various seminars with existing MSP's of Srinagar at various colleges in Srinagar and near by.

Tell us about your University?

My college is an affiliate institute of Kashmir University, Srinagar. The faculties are awesome, an expert in their departments. The management is a lot helpful for the students in need, be it any sort of need. Focusing on my college, there are a few technical communities in my college, so the few technical events are organized within my campus, but I always felt a need to attend seminars and technical sessions which are generally few in my campus.

Tell us about your MSP history, when were you awarded?

My journey towards Microsoft begins with the MSP's of Srinagar when one of them came to our college for a Tech Session. I first applied for the MSP program in the year 2011 and I made it to the prestigious list in the very first attempt. The best part is, after as well as before becoming a MSP I have got a lot of opportunities to learn from the professional and even on the recent topics like Cloud, WP7, Silverlight etc. Before being a MSP I have also organized renowned seminars like Dream Spark Yatra 2011 with MSP's of Srinagar, which has helped thousands of students to know technology better and get the Microsoft software for free.
And now I can proudly say that yes I am a Microsoftie.

What do you do in order to keep up with latest tools and technologies while focusing on your education?

Being very frank, attending the sessions of Kashmir User Group or the sessions from Professionals is sufficient to know about the latest tools and technologies. But if we talk about a broader part net surfing is the best thing you can do with. I have subscribed various personalities and pages at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc which is really a great part of being aware to latest things. At recent I am reviewing about Windows 8 developers preview, VS2010 , windows phone 7 toolkit 7.1 etc. Being a student developer, it’s important for me to stay up to date with the changes so that one day I could bring some revolutionary product of my own.
What does being an MSP mean to you? and What makes you a great MSP?

I don’t feel there is any other reward equivalent to being an MSP for a Tech Student. I'm a only MSP from my college and Microsoft has only 5 MSP's from Srinagar and I'm one of them, that makes me proud. Being an MSP, I am also aware of my duties to the student community. I have to adapt quickly to the updates and then pass it on to my fellow students. The knowledge I get by attending the conferences, seminars, and UG meets, I share that with my fellows by organizing events in my college and also in the colleges that do not have MSPs. I do invite some professionals to deliver sessions in my institute, which would have not been possible without the MSP program. MSP, though it refers to being Microsoft Student Parter but really makes you feel most special person. Me as a MSP is really a helpful hand for students at my college, specially my juniors. I generally do organize seminars and sessions on any new technology I learn about. Basic aim is to share and being updated so I just have casual sessions with my college mates, whenever I get a free time. I have also helped and organized DreamSpark Yatra 2011 and tech sessions at various colleges.

Tell us about faculty support in promoting tools and technologies?

Generally faculties are associated to most famous technologies, it really makes me feel proud to introduce them the latest and new programs or products of Microsoft. They always show a keen interest.

If you could ask Steve Ballmer one question about Microsoft, what would it be?

How everyone is so DYNAMIC at Microsoft?

Had a chance to attend “MSP Summit”? When and how was your experience?


Who are your top 5 MSP’s from your country? and why?

Junaid Masoodi, Shehla Rashid, Nawaz Dhandala, M V Priyank, Shashank Saxena and the few more. They are so because they are best at approaching to students and very quick to, that’s why they are having such great heights, various other factors like infrastructure and college support really do matters in making MSP the top one.

What you think about the MSP’s role in promoting technology at your campus?

MSP’s plays a prominent roles in promoting technology. As we all know that many a times labs includes pirated software etc. It’s the group of enthusiast people who really do efforts to get the best for the college and at very low economy. That’s where MSP’s create a difference by introducing programs like MSDN academic alliance , i-spark , etc. Promoting technology is the prime motive of the MSP program and I do feel the responsibility. The curriculum taught in our colleges is not enough for the students who will join the industry at some point of time.

If you get a chance to suggest one conference in your Region? What would it be and why?

Obviously at CASET Engineering College.

What is the best thing that has happened since you have become a MSP?

Nothing special yet.

Which was the last non-technical book you read?

Don't remember. Mostly involved with technical books.

If you could do so, how would you plan your academic studies differently?

Whatever I study or read, I always do Facebook updates and Tweets related to these implementations. I would always love to go for algorithmic or practical part more than the theoretical part.

If there was one place you could travel to, right now, where would it be and why?

Dubai City, UAE or Redmond City, Washington.
I have a dream to visit the Microsoft’s headquarter and I think it’s the sufficient reason to go to Redmond and Dubai being my Dream Land.

How can one be a part of MSP Club? Any suggestions for them?

Just be interactive, be technology lover and most important apply for the MSP program. Your dedication to the student community is more important for selection than your academics. Once you get into this club, you would learn the technologies very soon and would be able to promote it.

Who are your top 5 technical experts from your country?

Not anyone yet.

What are your future plans?

To work as a Software Engineer in Microsoft, add something really great to the technology.

What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?

First is the being a MSP, it really feels great to be attached with Microsoft, which is really a dream company for a Computer science student.
Second best thing joining the CASET College, which has supported at every step from seminars to sessions. This college has been a great help in my life and I enjoyed a lot in my college.

Any Message you want to give to the readers of MicrosoftFeed?

Always chase your dreams and never worry about the world.

Your contact information?

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University Website –
Twitter –
Facebook -
LinkedIn –
Interview Link -

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Microsoft announced 2 new MSP's in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Student Partners Program is an elite job opportunity offered to students enthusiastic about marketing and technology. Individuals that take part in this Microsoft student representative program understand and are passionate about Microsoft technologies and platforms.

MSP's are Microsoft “black-belt” influential students who have demonstrated their commitment to sharing their expertise with student peers. The Microsoft Student Partner program consists of the brightest and most innovative student developers and technology enthusiasts from universities around the world.

And since this program is Microsoft way of encouraging students who are interested in building a closer relationship with Microsoft, and those who are simply hooked on technology, to develop their skills further. Microsoft recently selected 2 new MSPs from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. These 2 MSP represents 2 different affiliated colleges of Kashmir University!

1. Ashraf Wani - CASET Engineering College
Facebook - Twitter

2. Irtiqa Qureshi - SSM College of Engineering
Facebook - Twitter